On nights like this I find myself missing you the most. It’s heartbreaking to know that one day you were happy and full of life, and the next day you vanished. You didn’t give a heads up, left no clues, or even said goodbye to the people who loved you the most. I’d be lying … Continue reading Chrysalis



Learning how to forgive is important because you won't always be the victim. there won't always be a moment for you to place the blame on someone else.. you will be the one at fault.. The one who betrayed another person.. The one who took the love, trust, and respect that they had for you … Continue reading Forgiveness 


Hope is the one thing in life that I always try to keep. In a world where so much negativity surrounds me, it's always a constant reminded to just keep the hope and keep the faith, pray and everything will be alright. Even now as a senior in high school who is a full time … Continue reading Hope.